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ATMOGRAPH Official Release Announcement (5/4/14) -

NAM AlaskaCustom GRIB data

PaulMarv Software is excited to announce the initial public release of ATMOGRAPH ModelVis GRIB model data visualization and analysis software on Saturday, May 17th, 2014.

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis provides a graphical platform to explore, animate, and visualize gridded meteorological datasets in the GRIB format, which can be custom loaded into the program in ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Professional. ATMOGRAPH ModelVis will also be released with a price-reduced "Starter Edition" option, containing critical model-data viewing functionality for enthusiasts and more casual users. Both editions will contain a built-in multithreaded interface for downloading weather model data from designated, existing public domain sources for ease of use. The features of ATMOGRAPH Professional Edition and Starter Edition are listed hereunder:

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Starter Edition

*Access to FULL set of model products (hundreds on average per model) and FULL resolution data grids
*Live-rendered, interactive geographic model data map for user panning, zooming, and visual customization
*Built-in access to core model data grids (GFS, NAM, RAP, NAVGEM)
*Built-in access to high-resolution HRW (HiresW) model data
*Built-in access to CMC ensemble data
*Includes full ATMOGRAPH viewing/analysis engine including

**Live data roll-over value probe

**Patent-pending "live-contours" visualization
**Time-interpolated vector field visualizations (wind arrows, vectors, barbs, text points, etc.)
**Custom point-click data plots

*Full set of ATMOGRAPH derived model products

**Precipitation-typed radar reflectivity
**Mesoanalysis parameters
**Precipitation products, and many more

*Graphic exportation (image and video recording)
*Preset views

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Professional Edition adds the following:

*3D Globe visualization capability (with live switching between 2D and 3D)

*Exclusive early-access to HRRR extreme-resolution model data (AtmoGraph Pro is the only product on the market delivering access to raw HRRR grids without an expensive subscription)

*COMPLETE access to public domain weather models, including additionally:
**Multiple ensemble models (SREF, GEFS, NAEFS, NARRE)
**Real Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) high-resolution data

*Import, animate, and visualize custom GRIB data through local GRIB files or remote GRIB inventory files

*Import Placefile data (ATMOGRAPH Pro is the only 3D Placefile visualization system in existence)

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis is being priced extremely competitively and is offered as a ONE-TIME, flat payment to compete with expensive subscription-based alternatives. The Starter Edition will run around $99 USD and the Professional edition under $250. Be sure to check the ATMOGRAPH Facebook page on release day, Saturday, May 17th, for news about a limited-time-only release day discount.

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