General Product Overview

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis is a Windows software application which displays atmospheric model data for scientific analysis and visualization. It uses a hardware-accelerated, interactive 3D globe to display data from custom user-provided GRIB sources or from current public-domain weather models which can be accessed through a built-in user interface that enables users to select from a variety of models, time options, and data products in a simple 3-step process.

ATMOGRAPH is therefore capable of delivering weather model data from a variety of models (including the GFS, NAM, HRRR, HRW - and many more) without an expensive subscription, since the full-resolution data comes from public domain government servers - the direct and original source of all model data. As additional advantages over traditional static-image, browser-based services, ATMOGRAPH enables the user to visualize the raw, full-resolution model data grids (as opposed to reduced resolution/overly smoothed online images) which are pulled from the NOAA NCEP servers as soon as they are uploaded (as opposed to waiting up to an hour for online image services to download and generate graphics for a particular model run).

A novel "Rollover Probe" tool allows the user to see the exact value output by a given model for any location in real-time, and the map can be fully panned, zoomed, and visually adjusted with the speed and interactivity of any hardware-accelerated graphics program (such as a video game or flight simulator). The ATMOGRAPH ModelVis data environment is fully time-aware, allowing users to animate data from selected model hour ranges, overlay up to four concurrent model data parameters, and to overlay and co-animate data even from entirely different sources. The time-aware model data selector interface will make best-match auto-selections when overlaying model data from a differently structured model (with respect to forecast hours) - a capacity made possible by ATMOGRAPH's animated data display being fully temporally interpolated between frames in real-time.

ATMOGRAPH enables users to export high-resolution graphics and screen-capture videos from a native interface shipped with all versions. Users can switch in real time between a 3D globe and a 2D flat map mode, and are able to import Placefile data (in what is the only 3D Placefile display system in existence), which suits the base ATMOGRAPH display engine to virtually any context the user desires.

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Professional is currently the only product delivering built-in display of full-resolution experimental HRRR data without an expensive subscription. A price-reduced "Starter Edition" is also offered with more basic functionality.

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Starter Edition

*Access to FULL set of model products (hundreds on average per model) and FULL resolution data grids
*Live-rendered, interactive geographic model data map for user panning, zooming, and visual customization
*Built-in access to core model data grids (GFS, NAM, RAP, NAVGEM)
*Built-in access to high-resolution HRW (HiresW) model data
*Built-in access to CMC ensemble data
*Includes full ATMOGRAPH viewing/analysis engine including
**Live data roll-over value probe
**Patent-pending "live-contours" visualization
**Time-interpolated vector field visualizations (wind arrows, vectors, barbs, text points, etc.)
**Custom point-click data plots

*Full set of ATMOGRAPH derived model products
**Precipitation-typed radar reflectivity
**Mesoanalysis parameters (Theta-E, EHI, Potential Instability, etc.)
**Many more (LCL Height, Wind Chill, Gust coefficient, etc.)

*Graphic exportation (image and video recording)
*Preset views

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Professional Edition adds the following:

*3D Globe visualization capability (with live switching between 2D and 3D)

*Access to HRRR extreme-resolution model data

*COMPLETE access to public domain weather models, including additionally:
**Multiple ensemble models (SREF, GEFS, NAEFS, NARRE)
**Real Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) high-resolution data

*Import, animate, and visualize custom GRIB data through local GRIB files or remote GRIB inventory files

*Import Placefile data (ATMOGRAPH Pro is the only 3D Placefile visualization system in existence)

If customers of ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Starter Edition would afterwards like to upgrade to Professional, we will be happy to send a coupon code which makes up for the price difference (email

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Derived Products, particularly those critical for winter weather prediction, were developed with the meteorological consultation of Chris Robbins, owner of