ATMOGRAPH Weather Model Geovisualization Software

ATMOGRAPH Official Product Announcement Press Release (2/16/14) -

PaulMarv Software is currently developing a revolutionary Earth Sciences/Meteorological visualization tool, ATMOGRAPH ModelVis, which consolidates GRIB-format model data feeds from hundreds of different sources into one centralized Windows software application.

The free availability of these data sources will distinguish the product from subscription-based services, and the ability to import custom GRIB data as well as Placefiles marks the international influence AtmoGraph is bound to have for meteorologists, earth science researchers, weather forecasters, private industries, and the general public.

AtmoGraph’s specializing in the field of model data allows for a streamlined, intuitive user interface in which users are guided through a three-step tabbed process of choosing 1) from a variety of atmospheric models (including the GFS, NAM, HRW, RAP, HRRR, RTMA, CMC, GDAS, various ensemble models, and many more) and different grid coverages/resolutions, 2) from a list of specified model runs and forecast hour times, which can be multiselected to prepare animations, and 3) from the entire suite of products computed by a particular model – which typically far exceeds the narrow set of common products offered by online, static image services. In addition, these services typically involve a certain lag-time between model run publication and image generation, whereas the AtmoGraph platform is capable of pulling model data directly from the servers on which they are distributed in real time as they are uploaded.

As an interactive graphics application, AtmoGraph will enable the user to pan, zoom, and tilt a GIS-enabled map in real time while displaying static or animated data, and with color fill, contour, and/or vector field simultaneous visualizations of model data. AtmoGraph will also have the ability to derive secondary products from all viable model data sources, such as vectorized/scalar wind from U/V grids, or precipitation typing for future radar reflectivity simulations.

All forms of public commentary, questions, feedback, and suggestion are welcomed throughout the latter developmental stages as a Spring 2014 release is currently planned.

Contact: Paul Maravelias